Venture CapitalDr. Juhi Singh’s New York Wellness Center Is A Life-Altering Health Oasis

January 9, 20210

If you live in New York, there’s a common saying that walking down the city streets is the equivalent to being in fight or flight mode. Urban dwellers live with the added stress of noise, pollution, overpopulation, and traffic, so it’s no surprise that they seek particular attention to take care of their health. But with all the wellness centers, workout classes, diets, supplements, and spas around the city, The Juhi Center is bringing health back to its basics with an Eastern medicine approach to heal the mind, body, and spirit, naturally.

The Juhi Center’s founder Juhi Singh, L.Ac has dedicated her life to Eastern medicine, specializing in acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and oriental medicine. After being diagnosed with Chrons as a young adult with no options besides an invasive and dangerous surgery, Singh began practicing Eastern medicine. The results ended up saving her life (surgery-free) and launched her into a career of providing alternatives to her patients who are told Western medicine is the only way. Singh’s impressive client list is a testament to her unparalleled skill, having worked with the Co-Chief of Sports Medicine at New York’s Mount Sinai Medical Center on the treatment of high-performance athletes, to Fortune 500 cooperations, to a women’s hospital in Haiti. She’s been featured on CNN, ABC, The Emmys, and more, on her practice that’s kept her clients running at an optimal level.

Singh opened her center last September with a focus on four pillars:  Ayurvedic medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy, and facial rejuvenation. Patients get a personalized treatment protocol that includes Ayurvedic diagnosis, acupuncture therapy, education, and empowerment, creating a virtuous cycle of healing from a team of top practitioners who she consults case by case. The center is an oasis within the city, complete with a salt room, facials, and an infrared sauna. But Singh’s love for her patients and hunger to heal lies at the heart of her center’s success. Below, Singh discusses her approach to health, being a woman in the medical industry, and how she hopes to merge Eastern and Western medicines so that no patient is ever left without options.

What was your introduction to Ayurvedic medicine?

I was born in Bombay and brought up surrounded by both allopathic and herbal medicine. I officially moved to the USA at the age of four but returned to India every summer. Growing up, medicine for me was more than symptom-numbing, quick-fixes, and magic pills. Medicine was my daily life, contingent upon self-knowledge and care. Makes sense right? But when I got very sick, it was the last place I turned.

My family and I spent a lot of my life between New Jersey and India. So when I was diagnosed with Chron’s/Colitis at 16 – an inflammatory disease of the intestines causing horrifying abdominal pain, improper digestion, ulcers, internal bleeding, and weight loss (which is ultimately life-threatening) – my family had the opportunity to seek out the best in care. For three and half years, my parents dragged me from one doctor after another in desperate search of an answer. Many of the extraordinarily well-trained physicians were able to keep me alive with high doses of medications. However, by 19, those very powerful drugs had a severe and irreversible effect on my organs.  By 19, the only solution offered to me by the top specialists in Western medicine was a life-altering colostomy. Still sick extremely sick, barely 90 lbs, and as a last ditch effort, my parents consulted my aunt, an Oriental Medical Doctor herself. Together they formulated a plan for me to stay in India for two months to receive Acupuncture and be placed on an Ayurvedic diet specific for my disease and constitution. In two and half months of following the prescribed diet plan and acupuncture regimen, I was in remission. I’ve remained in remission with few and occasional flare-ups for nearly 20 years. Not only did I defeat the disease, but I felt a revolution in my spirit. At that moment, I decided to change course in my studies from going to Western medical school to Eastern medical school. I knew even then that I never wanted a patient to come to me without knowing the options they had available. And very quickly, all of this energy of desolation, fear, and condemnation from my distant experience with modern medicine, was transformed with my triumph and became the powerful impetus for my life’s work and practice today.

How do you approach each client with your specific practice?

I approach every client as an individual, a human being, a unique ecosystem of emotions, experiences, and DNA. I don’t even think of my patients like that, to me, you are not a label, you are a person. My first task with each patient is to understand the person, their needs physically and emotionally. Often, people want to tell me the symptoms right away – those are important, but why go there first if that’s all they are, symptoms. It’s physics; the reaction is the result of their actions. I want to know who you are as a person and what is happening to you on a daily basis: what you eat, what kind of exercise you are getting, and how you sleep. With knowledge of your actions, we can adjust them to fit your desired outcome and desired life. The approach is both scientific and holistic.

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